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Dainichi Shoji
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Dainichi Shoji  


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Dainichi Shoji is a manufacturer committed to meet the stringent requirements of the Semiconductor and Solar industry. Dainichi Shoji know-how and experience into the production of close tolerance wafer carriers goes back since the early 90's. CCT Europe is proud to be the Dainichi authorized distributor in Europe because of our shared vision and commitment to helping customers succeed by reducing particles, preventing ESD, reducing outgassing, and reducing costs.

Dainichi is very well known for it's first class wet process production PFA carriers & other Wafer handling products..

Dainichi's portfolio consists of:

RSP150 & 200 


PFA Square Wafer & Solar Carriers 

Aluminium Carriers 

Reticle Storage Packs 
Wafer Shippers 
Chip Trays, ID Tags, RFID tags
PFA bar code plates
FOUP & 300 mm Products like Open Cassettes

In PFA we offer a wide range of specialty Wafer Carriers:

26 slot 6 and 8 inch
50 slot 8 inch
Blanket carriers (SPECIAL DESIGN)
Carriers from 50 – 300 mm
High- Low Profile

Some of our success products are the 26 slot carriers used for wet process tools where first wafer defect can be a problem.
If you need specialty carriers, or modify excisting carriers Dainichi is the right address.

Our Teflon carriers and handles are used in many different wet proces tools like, FSI Mercury, Semitool, and others…..

 Of course we can also supply to you standard transport carriers & boxes in other materials like PP, Antistatic PBT, BISHOP-3 (a very good and cost effective alternative to PEEK)

 Please contact us for more detailed information and technical assistance.




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