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ESD CCT Service

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The build up of static charge in semiconductor manufacturing and other areas is unavoidable.
In a lot of cases you cannot just eliminate the problem by using different materials, or grounding.

If in the case a material change cannot eliminate the static charge, ionisers are the solution. 
We as CCT Europe are working very closely with Simco-Ion as their distributor for the High Tech Industry and focus on cleanrooms in for example the semiconductor Industry. 
We already work with a big number of FAB throughout Europe to help them eliminating Static Charge. 
If other End Users in Europe are interested in our assistance please feel to contact us.


We can make you a favourable offer and help you with:

-  Do a check-up of existing ionisation equipment, to make sure these are working properly.(For this we can use a Charge Plate Monitor & Fieldmeter) 

-  Together with the customer we do a field check with a measurement tool (FMX-004) to identify areas where static charge built up.

-  If we identify areas where static charge is building up we work closely with Simco-Ion and the customer to come up with a proposal of how to proceed with these areas.

-  CCT can also make DEMO equipment available if needed to perform tests at the customer locations to proof ionisation can be a solution for the problem, 

-  This can also help to convince management that certain investments need to be done to solve certain problems and in a lot of cases lead to yield improvement.

For more info on ionisation please contact us at

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