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Download our Fit-LIne Catalog

Download our Fit-Line Tube Weld fittings Catalog

Fit-LINE FlareLINK™ High Purity PFA and PVDF flare fittings.

Fit-LINE FlareLINK™ high-purity fluoropolymer tube fittings are widely used in the semiconductor, biotech, and chemical process industries. FlareLINK's flexible and responsive manufacturing process allows us to provide fittings and proprietary components - tooled and molded to your exacting requirements - in record time.


Every Fit-LINE fitting is manufactured from virgin high purity PFA or PVDF resin providing chemical resistance and ultra-high purity and are SEMI F57-0301 compliant.


Fit-LINE fittings are compatible and interchangeable with all other fine-threaded flare fitting systems. These fittings can be used with PFA, FEP and PTFE tubing. click here for the cross reference list

SIze Range

Size range is from ¼” through 1-¼” in all the popular fitting configurations. Special fitting configurations are available, on a custom basis, please contact us for details.

Materials used include PVDF, PFA and other fluoropolymers. Standard fittings include:

  • Patented sweep elbows
  • Widest variety of reducers available
  • Double containment fittings
  • Multi-flare connectors 

TFMR Fittings 


TruFASTEN™ Torque Wrenches

Your “True” Solution to Leak-Free Fitting Assemblies™

true fasten



• Wrenches are calibrated to preset torque values based on nut size.
• Wrench claw clicks over when required torque value is reached.
• Ratcheting action allows the nut to be rapidly tightened, making jobs easier and faster.
• Wrenches fit easily in hard-to-reach places.
• Available for PFA and PVDF nuts.

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Mobile TruFLARE™ System


Hot tube flaring system creates a standard tube flare end by pressure forming and rapidly cooling the flare form. The mobile TruFLARE™ system is ideal for production flaring. It assures precise, concentric, repeatable tube flare connections. This is without requiring immediate assembly, which is often the case with other rudimentary hot flaring systems.


• Mobile and compact.
• 15’ long wand cable for added convenience.
• Repeatable tube flares.
• Allows flaring in hard to reach places.


 hot flare


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