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High purity PTFE and PFA flowmeters, and extremely accurate, yet affordable flow controllers !

One of our End User customers just succesfully finished an upgrade on existing Dainippon SCREEN Tools FC821L. WET Stations.

Implemented is the i-flow Closed Loop Flow Controller:

If you have these Tools and are interested in this upgrade please contact us.

Futurestar is developing a new smaller version of the AutoValve, Proportional Control Valve.

This smaller version will also have excellent resolution and linear flow characteristics which makes the controller ideal for blending and metering.
We target the followinig markets with this product:

-      Single Wafer Wet Proces Tools
With this AV you can control and  regulate your flow per chamber very rapid and easily.

 -      Mixing & Blending (HF Blending as an example)
By using the AV you do not need any tank.

 -      High Temeprature applications
Futurestar AV can be used in High Temp applications upto 180C.

Flowmeter Series Pathfinder and Odyssey
Accurate and Reliable Performance with PFA sight tube for media compatibility and float visibility.Guide rod centers float, preventing oscillations.
Types: Panel Mount, In-Line and Panel Mount/InLine
Connections Sizes: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1"
Flowranges from: 0-10 ml/min through 19-75 lpm

Analog Flowmeter Series Pathfinder and Odyssey
Futurestar's Analog Flow Meters use non intrusive sensing providing an analog signal to electronic readouts and controls (e.g. Autovalve)

Same types and connections as standard flow meters, including the option of the precision valve.

Flow ranges from 30-370 ml/min through 10-38 lpm

TPW Teflon Paddle Wheel Flow Meter
The TPW uses fiber optics to send a beam of light across the flow path. Fluid flow causes the paddle wheel to rotate and its blades will interrupt the lightbeam, thus generating a pulsed 10 30 volt signal.

Teflon and Kel/F wetted parts+ fiber optics technology with visible red, 650 nm light and 10/30 VDC pulsed output

Flow ranges 40-350ml/min through 3-50 lpm

AutoValve, Proportional Control Valve

Excellent resolution and linear flow characteristics make the controller ideal for blending and metering.
PTFE primary and secondary rolling diaphragms with leak port offer maximum protection.
Designed for remote 4 to 20 mA control input these valves offer the ability to control blending of chemistries at precise levels.


i-flow Electronic Flow Controller
Accurate, Reliable and Repeatable Performance
High Resolution, Linear Flow Characteristics, Dual Diaphragms
with reliable Vortex technology; no moving parts, integrated closed loop flow control with positive shut-off control.
Accurate blending and dispensing of chemicals

Guardian Quick Exhaust Valves
Guardian QEV's vent pneumatic valves and components within the liquid containment chamber, and allowis a controlled tool shutdown in the event of a valve failure. Protects system electronics from vapors or chemicals released from possible pneumatic valve diaphragm failures.
  PMV Precision Metering Valve
Futurestar precision metering valves provide optimum resolution and linearity for control and adjustment of flow settings.
- high resolution and high linearity
- different surfaces for metering and shut-off
- failsafe control to prevent over-tightening or over-loosening


5UP Ultrasonic PurgeMeter

Ultrasonic technology for liquid flow measurement.
No moving parts
Analog output: 4-20 mA.
Zero reset, end user configurable
RS485 Communications
Alarm output, end user configurable
Patented technology provides low cost flow measurement with digital display
Additional LED indication for % of flow


5UP Ultrasonic Purgmeter

KVF Vortex Flowmeter
Reliable vortex flow sensing technology

No moving parts




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