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International Polymer Solutions is a Worldwide Supplier of Engineered High Purity Fluid Handling Products

 IPS Introduces its new PTFE Chemical Injection Control Valve

PTFE ChemicalInjection Control Valve

Offering precision performance under extreme conditions, our all-wetted PTFE design is ideally suited for chemical wet process in water, wastewater, pharmaceutical, life science and general chemical handling applications.

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iPolymer Introduces its new High Purity PTFE Pressure Regulator

 The iPolymer PTFE Pressure Regulator is designed for use with high purity water systems and aggressive chemical applications to regulate and maintain a constant pressure downstream of the valve and prevent over-pressurization of sensitive equipment.

IPS Pressure Regulator

Designed with a 100% PTFE wetted flow path, the IPS PTFE Pressure Regulator is ideal for DI Water Systems and corrosive media found in solar, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and chemical process applications.

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For further information on the iPolymer PTFE Valve & Pressure Regulator or any of IPS’s High Purity Fluid Handling products, please contact CCT Europe bv
Customized or Standardized

Re-defining the Industry Standards for Ultra Pure Liquid and Gas Handling Components. Standard and Custom components fabricated from inert and ultra-pure materials such as PTFE, PFA, PVDF and Polypropylene.

Product offered includes Fittings, Tubing, Valves that include Solenoid, Pneumatic, and Manual styles. Spray Guns, N2 Guns, along with custom configured components and multi-valve manifolds.

 iPolymer offers a large family of fluoro-plastic fluid and gas handling components for transporting ultra pure and difficult to handle media.

metering valve stopcock spray gun        

High Purity Process Tanks



Because we represent companies like iPolymer, we can also help in cost reduction with tool maintenace.
We can offer Original Machine Parts supplied by iPolymer for several AMAT (Reflexion LK CMP, Desica Vapor Dryer System) Semitool and FSI equipment.

The spareparts for AMAT Tools have following reference:

• Reflexion LK CMP

• Desica Vapor Dryer System



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