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Dainichi Shoji
Fluoro Mechanic
MTI Semiconductor
Back-End, Facilities and Consumables

Semiconductor Industry Front-End.   

For more then 25 years we are focussing on the Wet Process and related Areas within the Semiconductor and High Tech Industires.


Altaflo is an innovative producer of high performance fluoropolymer and fluoroplastic tubing and pipe.
All Altaflo products are manufactured using 100% virgin grade high performance resins to provide the best physical properties for your application.

ChemTec Equipment Company

Since 1968 ChemTech has been engineering and manufacturing their patented line of flow meters, flow monitors, flow switches and excess flow valves.

Chukoh Chemical Industreis Ltd.

PTFE Temperature isolation lines for usage on supply and critical chemical dispense lines.
Porous tube can cover pipe from supply to fitting location joint.
PTFE porous sheet material; used to insulate and protect critical supply and dispense lines and electrical wiring. The material can be wrapped around the lines freely.

DAINICHI-SHOJI K.K Wafer Handling Products

Semiconductor production related plastic tools (wafer carrier, etc) as key products.
Injection molding factory providing highly reliable products


Fit-LINE is a leading U.S. designer and manufacturer of innovative, patented and cost-effective fitting solutions for high-purity fluid processing applications.


Flowell manufactures High Quality Fluororesin Plastic Tube Fittings:
Flare Type, Compression Type, Insert Welding Type, Ring Insertion type

FUTURESTAR, High Purity Flow Meters & Flow controllers

A worldwide supplier of high technology products for the control and monitoring of aggressive and ultra pure fluids.

iPolymer Fittings, Valves, Solenoids, etc.

Worldwide Supplier of Engineered High Purity Fluid Handling Products.
iPolymer manufactures a wide range of high purity fluid handling products and engineered fabricated solutions.
Our standard lines include: valves, fittings, spray devices and actuators, which we can customized for your application.


MTI Instruments is a worldwide supplier of precision non-contact physical measurement solutions, condition based monitoring systems, portable balancing equipment and semiconductor wafer inspection tools

If your company is doing Wafer Thinning and (first) Wafer Inspection , and need reliable Thickness, Bow, Warp, TTV Measurements, then the Proforma series is the right tool to consider.

SIMCO-ION Ionisation Equipment and Services

Simco-Ion, the world's largest manufacturer of static control (charge generation and neutralization) and particle contamination control (electrostatic attraction) components and systems, has been providing solutions to electrostatic (ESD/ESA) issues in a wide range of industries.

Due to the use of isolators like teflon in these areas also ESD can be a significant problem/issue which need to be addressed.
CCT Europe has the knowledge and experience to help identify the problem and offer solutions.



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