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worldwide leaders in static control

Ionization to control and monitor static charge, electrostatic discharge (ESD), static control.

Ionization for Semiconductor, Disk Drive, Flat Panel Display (FPD), Medical, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, and General Electronic markets; offering solutions for a variety of diversified applications. Our ionizer product line includes Room Systems, Benchtop and Overhead Blowers, Point-of-Use Blowers, Air Guns, Nozzles, and specialty ionizers for nitrogen, CDA, hi-temperature, and tight confines applications.

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General Purpose Ionizing Bars 

Critical Environment Ionizing Bars

Ultra-clean Environment Ionizing Bars

General Purpose Ionizing Blowers

Confined Space Ionizing Blowers

Critical Environment Ionizing Blowers

Ionizer Controllers

Ionizing Guns, Cartridge & Nozzle

Ionizing Emitters & Room Systems

Confined Space Special Application Ionizers

Extreme Temperature Special Application Ionizers

Ultra-Clean Environmental Gas Ionzers

Electrostatic Fieldmeters

Charge Plate Monitor 280A

Ionization Software

Ionizing Accessories

Electrostatic Sensing & Process Monitoring Products (Novx)

IMPORTANT NOTE:If you want to keep your ionization equipment in perfect shape, make sure you maintain your product.

In standard applications and cleanroom environments we suggest to clean the emitters every 2-3 months, and then perform an ionization check.
For the check, our FMX-004 Fielmeter is ideal to use, and use the TX 726 Swab Crush Tube for cleainig emitter pins.
Please contact us for a quote of both items.

Also contact us if you want to check your ionisation equipment or want to find out if you are having ESD issues.(see CCT Service under the welcome screen)

Simco-Ion creates first class solutions at an affordable price. The Simco ionizers and measurement tools belong to the best in the world and consist amongst others of:



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