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Special Offers

Due to obselete and out of warranty stock we can offer you the following parts against a very strong reduced price, if you are interested please send an email to

All parts are originally packed and not used, but we do only recommend these to use in non critical application, please note there will be no warranty on any of these items.

Futurestar Flow Meters:

108-010     1 pc      Pathfinder, 1/4"FNPT, IL/PM W/Valve 90-1000

108-00075  2 pcs    Pathfinder, 1/4"FNPT, IL/PM W/Valve 5-75

108-0045    6 pcs    Pathfinder, 1/4"FNPT, IL/PM W/Valve 65-450

148-010      9 pcs    Pathfinder, 1/4"FLARE,PM W/Valve    90-1000

612-6F6F  10 pcs    Precision Metering Valve 3/8"FLARE

flow meter flow meter flow meter

 TEQCOM (now knowns as IPS)

TA-SC-412M   13   Teflon Stopcock 2-way 6mm ports.

stopcock stopcock

TPR-375-1      3     Teflon Pressure Regulator 0-120 PSI Inlet,

                            0-30 OUT 3/8" FNPT

 pressure regulator  teflon pressure regulator

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