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Please read carefully the attached document received from Simco-ION concerning the discontinuation of the ScorpION3 Bar.

The ScorpION3 product will still be available until May 1, 2020, but please make sure to send in your orders in time to avoid delays. When this bar is integrated it will be important that in cooperation with Simco-ION we work together to find the best possible alternative product for your application.

Please contact us so we can procced accordingly.


High purity PTFE and PFA flowmeters, and extremely accurate, yet affordable flow controllers !

One of our End User customers just succesfully finished an upgrade on existing Dainippon SCREEN Tools FC821L. WET Stations.

Implemented is the i-flow Closed Loop Flow Controller:

If you have these Tools and are interested in this upgrade please contact us.

Futurestar is developing a new smaller version of the AutoValve, Proportional Control Valve.

This smaller version will also have excellent resolution and linear flow characteristics which makes the controller ideal for blending and metering.
We target the followinig markets with this product:

-      Single Wafer Wet Proces Tools
With this AV you can control and  regulate your flow per chamber very rapid and easily.

 -      Mixing & Blending (HF Blending as an example)
By using the AV you do not need any tank.

 -      High Temeprature applications
Futurestar AV can be used in High Temp applications upto 180C.

Particulate Contamination in Medical Plastics Industry?

Most assume it’s due to cleanliness of area only…(Wrong!)
Nearly 100% comes from ESA (electrostatic attraction) We have some interesting articles on this topic.

Please contact us for more details.

μWire AeroBar® MODEL 5710

Simco-Ion’s μWire (“Microwire”) AeroBar Model 5710 is a cost-effective, high-performance ionizer
specifically designed to eliminate static charge on large surface areas. The μWire AeroBar is particularly
suited for sensitive flat panels where fast discharge times and low swing voltages are desired. The
μWire AeroBar utilizes MicroPulse technology applied to a corona wire system for optimal performance.
MicroPulse technology reduces ion recombination at the corona wire, thus increasing product efficiency
and performance.


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MICROTRAK 4 laser displacement sensor

The latest 1D laser displacement sensor from MTI provides excellent speed and accuracy for even the most difficult applications and provides data output and power through a single USB cable.The Microtrak™ 4 is the ultimate laser…

ProTrak G| High Resolution 2D_3D

The ProfileTrak G series are compact profiling sensors that fit in tight spaces. These 2D/3D sensors provide accurate profiling, height, width and positioning measurement using the latest CMOS technology with fast measuring rate of up to



ProTrak HD| High Speed 2D_3D Laser

The ProTrak HD long range profiling laser displacement sensor is built to satisfy the most demanding automated dimension, angle, curvature and height in the industrial application. At a fast speed of 6,000 frames per second and up to…


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